Global Missions Partnership

We know that as Christians, we are to engage the global community for Christ. Each year at MissionLab, we provide a chance for you to do just that. We have supported various global efforts throughout the years in an effort to encourage you to see that you can be a part of life change around the world, no matter who you are or where you come from! For the past few years, our attention and efforts have been directed specifically toward the refugee crisis in Europe.

ref·u·gee ˌre-fyu̇-ˈjē Noun: A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

There are nearly 1,500,000 refugees who have poured into Greece. Men, women, and kids have fled their home countries, sometimes leaving behind even the most basic necessities, because of persecution, poverty, and war. Unfortunately, many of them have found themselves in situations just as bad in Greece. With so many refugees coming into an already broken system, the struggle in this area is real.

change ˈchānj Verb: to make radically different.

Through Baptist Global Response, you can support a refugee center in Greece, where God is moving in mighty ways and life change is happening. At the center, people are getting their needs met, both physically and spiritually. The staff gives out groceries, hygiene supplies, and medicine every week. They teach English classes so the refugees can better navigate the complicated system for asylum-seekers. The staff also shares the Gospel in the refugees’ native languages. Many of the refugees are desperate for the hope of Christ, and at the center, that’s exactly what is shared.

respond riˈspänd Verb: to act in return or in answer.

You can be a part of the life change happening in Greece. You can pray for the refugees and the workers at the center. Pray that the refugees would come to know Christ and share that wherever they may go next. Pray that God renews the energy and passion of the center’s staff.

You can also give. Each year we give our participants a chance to donate money to the work of the center. The money we collect goes to help the center continue operating. They have a budget that is much smaller than the need, and the staff there continues to work on faith. Your money can help pay for things like food & groceries, education, job placement services, medicine, and gospel tracts.

During 2012, our participants helped us raise…

in Direct Donations
in Purse Sale Donations

100% of direct donations go to the refugee center in Greece to help meet their budgetary needs. All purse sale donations go directly to the refugee who made the purse.

Will you plan to join us in 2013 as we help continue the efforts of spreading the Gospel to the hurting in Greece and beyond?

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