Meet Allan!

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Today, we’re going to introduce you to our sixth Summer Missionary, Allan.

To recap from last week, each year, MissionLab hires a team of 8 college-age guys and girls to serve with us all summer.

These SMs partner with MissionLab for 9 weeks of ministry and help facilitate easy communication between the leadership of the groups and MissionLab. They are also there to minister to the campers–because even though our MissionLab participants come here to serve, it is our prayer that the Lord works in their own hearts as well.

Some of you may remember Allan from his time with us last year as a summer missionary. But for those of you who don’t, allow us to introduce you!


What is your name?

Allan Gilliam


How old are you?



Are you in school? If so, where, and what are you studying?

I attend Coffeyville Community College and will graduate this semester with a Associates in arts.


Have you been to New Orleans before?

Yes, many times!


What made you want to work for MissionLab?

I love the city, the people, and the organization.


What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this summer?

Getting to make new friends and meet new people from around the U.S. and help them learn to love people.


What’s your favorite genre of music?

Right now, it’s alternative rock.


What’s your favorite movie?

Dazed and confused.


What’s your favorite food?

Mexican food, especially tacos.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

When I was little, like 2 or 3, I put on my moms bathing suit and her high heels and she took a picture of it. Thankfully, she left the picture in one of her old cars she sold so we dont have proof it happened, but…someone out there has a really embarrassing picture of me.


Do you have any hidden talents?

I click my tounge loud.


Who would win in a fight: a horse-sized duck, or 10 duck-sized horses? Please provide very specific reasons for your answer.

A horse sized duck, because ducks are mean and would attack whereas horses would probably just run away. Also, a horse-sized duck would be able to swallow the horses while the horses could only nip at the ducks feet.


If you could use any quote to sum up your life, what would it be?

Get away from here! Get! Get!



Please remember to keep MissionLab in your prayers as we get ready for the summer. Also be praying for the groups who will be serving in the city and for the people they will come in contact with.

If you’re bringing a group to serve with us this summer, we can’t wait to serve with you!

If you aren’t yet signed up, it isn’t too late. Simply call us at 1-877-TRY-MLAB or send an email to [email protected]