My Summer to Remember

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SaraThe summer of 2016, for me, was truly a summer to remember. I highly anticipated moving to my favorite city on earth to serve the Lord and love people in His name. I didn’t quite realize what that would look like at first, but I decided to just follow the Holy Spirit in whatever He may have me to do.

Sometimes, that meant sitting on dirty concrete under the overpass downtown as a man told the story of how he ended up living on the streets. Sometimes, that meant leading and empowering high school students to serve and love people in the community. And other times, that meant building community with my fellow summer missionaries – celebrating weekly triumphs and struggling through inevitable times of trials. Whenever I stopped to actually consider what was happening around me, I was astounded by how He chose to use me – use ME – for something so amazing. Many times I was discouraged, exhausted, or just burnt out. But as a reminder, I kept a journal throughout the summer and at the end of every week, I wrote a theme or lesson that God had taught me through the week’s events. I discovered undeniable evidence of God’s goodness, faithfulness, grace, and provision. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with MissionLab , which gave me a brand new perspective on a city I thought I already knew and helped me to grow immensely in my relationship with the Lord. I am grateful for how God chose to use me this summer in the lives of so many.  

Sara | Former Summer Staff