2014 Global Missions in Greece

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ABM_1396640060 (1)If you’ve been to MissionLab in the past three years, you’ve probably heard me (or one of my teammates) talk about our global missions focus in Greece. In fact, if you have interacted with me on anything past surface-level small talk, you’ve probably heard me talk about Greece. Three years ago, part of our team began looking into the struggles, the needs, and the ministry opportunities there. Ever since, we have been sharing the story of the work in this part of the world with our MLab teams who have come to serve in New Orleans.

In a country so tiny and overrun with economic difficulties, there are over a million refugees seeking a better life. With only around 11 million people in total living there, it’s clear that this is a significant chunk of Greece’s population. The needs there are great, but even greater are the ways God is moving and drawing people to Himself!

This spring, we shared a little bit about what God is doing in Greece with all of our MLab groups, and we gave them a chance to join in and help out. We have developed a close partnership with a refugee center there, and over the past few years, we have helped support the center financially. In the month of March, our MLab groups donated almost $500! All of this money will go directly to help cover the operating costs of the refugee center we partner with in Greece, and trust us, that $500 is going to make a difference!

Each of us involved in the work in Greece has been on a different journey to connect with this ministry, and it’s amazing to see how God has brought each of us to this particular work. The existence of refugees isn’t a new phenomenon, though. In fact, you can see God’s heart for the refugee throughout both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, Moses, the early church – all of these heroes of the faith experienced life as refugees. Even Jesus was displaced as a young child!

God has a plan for the refugees. He has a deep desire for them to know Him and His saving love. We are so grateful that our teams have helped us continue supporting the work at the refugee center, and we pray that the work can continue to glorify the Lord!

If you are interested in reading more about our partnership with refugee work in Greece, check out our global missions page. If you want to know more about our team’s experiences in Greece, try here, here, and here