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Summer Missionlab is starting in less than a month! We will begin welcoming over 2,000 students, youth leaders, and families who are getting ready to serve with MissionLab here in New Orleans.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing, one by one, our Summer Missionaries that will be serving with us. These Summer Missionaries partner with MissionLab for 9 weeks of ministry. They are here to minister to the groups and help facilitate easy communication between the groups and the MissionLab staff.

Help us welcome Nick to the team!



How old are you?



Are you in school? If so, where, and what are you studying?

Yes, Eastern Kentucky University. I graduating  this month with a BA in Philosophy.


Have you been to New Orleans before?

Yes, I got to go for spring break this year to attend MissionLab.


What made you want to work for MissionLab?

I wanted to look into what a life as a full-tie missionary might look like.


What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this summer?

Growing in my faith through continual missional service/ learning how to always live on mission.


What’s your favorite genre of music?

Indie Rock


What’s your favorite movie?

Avengers: Infinity War


What’s your favorite food?

Anything Barbecue


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

Losing the school spelling bee in 3rd grad for spelling “celebrate” as “selebrate”.


Would you rather have the power to fly, or the power of invisibility, and why?

It would depend on the terms of both: if I could fly but there were limitations such as not being able to carry someone along or only being able to fly for a short amount of time, I would prefer invisibility.

Similarly, if I could be invisible but my clothes/ anything I carry would still be visible, or if I could only do it for a short amount of time, then I would prefer flight.

If all of those limitations applied, though, I’d choose flight.


If you could use any quote to sum up your life, what would it be?

The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.


Now you’ve met five out of eight SM’s who will be serving with us this summer. We look forward to introducing the others to you in the following weeks.

If you’re bringing a group to serve with us this summer, we can’t wait to have you here!

If you aren’t yet signed up, it isn’t too late. Simply call us at 1-877-TRY-MLAB or send an email to [email protected]