MissionLab Week 2: June 5- June 11

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Teams from South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi came to love the city of New Orleans during the second week of our summer MissionLab program.

Camp at Georgetown Apartments began this week, and Morningside Baptist Church hosted the first week of camp here for kids. It was great to see kids from last year’s camp show up again to participate in the fun activities that the MissionLab campers had planned. Pray for God to help these children grow this summer as they continue to come to camp! Morningside also was able to help with Vacation Bible School at Gentilly Baptist Church, where six kids prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts this week!

It was an exciting week at Calvary Baptist Church where New Hope Baptist Church helped with Vacation Bible School. This weeklong camp brought 161 kids from different communities in New Orleans to play and learn together.

With week 2 over, we ask that you continue to pray for our staff as they continue serving and for the groups still to come. What a wonderful opportunity we have to love the city in the name of Jesus!