Our Story

MissionLab is passionate about seeing lives changed through short-term missions. We’ve been loving & serving the city of New Orleans in the name of Jesus since 2000, and we want to help you engage your group in missions. We plan custom mission trips for groups of all sizes and ages throughout the year. We believe that anyone can be a missionary, and New Orleans is the perfect training ground.

Serving with us involves hands-on interaction with the people and needs of this city. Whether your group wants to stay for just a few days or a whole week, we work with you to plan a customized mission experience. We provide housing, meals, leadership, and ministry sites for groups who want to share in the mission of showing God’s love to the people of New Orleans.

After serving in New Orleans with MissionLab, you go back into your everyday life equipped to share the Gospel. You’ll return home with a changed perspective, seeing opportunities where you may have never seen them before. We’ll help your group understand that missions isn’t just a trip you take, but it’s a life that Christ has called us all to lead. This is our heart and our passion: to help you learn missions, do missions, and be a missionary.