NOLA to Greece: Notes from a newbie

mlab Evan, Global, Missions, Staff



Since March of 2011, MLab has partnered with a refugee center in Greece. And if you’ve been through our program in the past three years, you’ve heard about the dire situation of the refugees there.

In the time since our partnership began, some of our MLab team has had the opportunity to serve there. They have seen the faces and heard the stories first hand.

Today, for the first time, I have that same opportunity. Soon, I will see those faces and hear those stories myself. I am blessed beyond measure for this opportunity. But if I am completely honest, sitting here in the airport about to board the first flight, I am also more than a little scared.

As an American, born and raised in my western bubble, I have grown very accustomed to a very specific culture and have my rhythms set in a very specific context. So I am scared–scared that I won’t be able to wrap my mind around everything I am about to experience.

How can I relate to the single mother who traveled hundreds of miles with her children to escape war, famine, or poverty? What words can I give? How can I possibly help?

As I sit here feeling more and more overwhelmed by these things, I am reminded…”be still.”

“Be still and know that I am God.”

I pray that God will give me words when I need to speak. I pray that he will close my mouth and open my ears when I need to listen. I pray that he will give me a heart for people that transcends culture, religion, and life circumstances. I pray that he overwhelms me with the love, joy, peace, and comfort of Christ.