K10: Lessons from the Storm

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“Ten years ago…” If you know anyone from the Gulf Coast, you’ve probably heard him or her start off a story like that recently. You’ve seen the Facebook posts. You’ve read the editorial columns. A decade has passed since Hurricane Katrina took her toll on this region, washing bare the shores of the coast and turning New Orleans into a bowl of water, grime, and chaos. My stack of stories is extensive. I could share what it was like to be a twenty-one year old who stayed through the storm. I could tell you about the winds howling through the city as the eye of Katrina passed just to the east of us. I could tell you about the immense …

Hurricane Isaac Update

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NOTE: Hurricane Isaac made landfall in southeast Louisiana on August 28. Many areas, especially those outside of the city of New Orleans were affected by this storm. The state of Louisiana is divided into parishes, much like counties found in other states. St. John the Baptist Parish is approximately 30 miles from the New Orleans area. Madison Roussel, our MissionLab Administrative Assistant, is from this area originally, and she explains a bit about Isaac’s impact below.  To say the least, St. John the Baptist Parish has suffered some unfortunate events in the recent weeks.  In mid-August, the small community of Laplace was rocked by a series of shootings that left two sheriff’s deputies dead, and two other deputies seriously wounded …