New Orleans

New Orleans is a city of stories, but most of them aren’t the ones you’ve heard before. The world knows New Orleans as a place filled with sinners and endless parties, but the reality is that this city is filled with people living their day-to-day lives, trying to make ends meet, and in need of Christ. People here are full of personality. Spend any amount of time here and you’ll see just how beautiful the culture is.

You’ll also see that Christ is at work here and that people are ready for the Gospel.Our city is a cultural gumbo where differences are celebrated and valued. Everyone has a story to tell, and a huge part of your experience in New Orleans will be listening to the stories of the people here and relating your own as a bridge to the Gospel. As you listen and share, you’ll discover that the people here are more receptive to the Gospel now than ever before, thanks largely in part to the transforming work of the Church post-Katrina. Life in New Orleans after Katrina is unlike anything you may have experienced. While our city has suffered real heartache, we’ve also celebrated amazing victories. From the Saints winning our first-ever Super Bowl, to the small victories of homeowners moving back into restored homes and neighborhood grocery stores finally reopening their doors, there’s a lot to be excited about in NOLA. But houses and parades don’t last forever. The people of New Orleans are hungry for something permanent, and you have the opportunity to share what you have found to be eternally lasting – a relationship with Christ!