The Program

Group Experience

Bringing a group to MissionLab means you’re free to stop worrying about the stress of planning and logistics, and you can focus on the spiritual development of the people you’ve brought on mission. We facilitate this by providing a devotional guide for the week and giving you private group time each night to meet, teach and share what God is doing among you. These moments are some of the most meaningful – when your group members open up and share stories about how they are experiencing God at work in their own lives and in the group as a whole.

Your group will serve as a team throughout the trip, learning practical ways to express the love of Jesus to others while sharing a meaningful missions experience–an experience that will hopefully carry over into life back home.


When we worship Jesus, we bring everything we’ve got. The entire MissionLab experience is based on worshipping our God through song, through service, and through the ministry of the Word in preaching and group study times. Since our program runs year-round, your experience in group worship can be anything from loud and excited to quiet and intimate. During our listed program weeks, our large group gatherings are led by a worship band and feature full production that creates an exciting environment where we celebrate and make a really big deal of Jesus.

The most important part of our group gatherings is the preaching of God’s Word. Your group will be challenged by relevant, engaging Bible teaching that leads us all into a deeper walk with Christ. One of the greatest things about being at MissionLab is witnessing participants of all ages experience and respond to the Gospel in salvation and true commitment. Every week we see lives radically transformed by the Gospel as bystanders are turned into worshipers of the living God. We can’t wait to experience worship with your group!

Housing, Meals, and Entertainment

MissionLab is hosted on the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary campus – a beautiful and convenient place to stay, eat and experience our city. Our program features on-campus housing in either dormitory or hotel-style accommodations which are both clean and safe. We also have campus recreation facilities available to all of our participants, which are perfect for a fun night of fellowship. Being in New Orleans, we love good food and take it quite seriously. The cafeteria on campus is served by a great staff of New Orleanians who really know how to cook and show you New Orleans flavor and southern hospitality during breakfast and dinner. Part of your MissionLab package is a bagged lunch that you’ll enjoy at your off-campus site.

The campus is only a few miles from the sights and sounds of NOLA. You’ll be minutes away from the iconic French Quarter, or Vieux Carre, as well as downtown shops and entertainment and the historic Garden District. At MissionLab, we want groups that visit New Orleans on mission to truly interact with and experience the city. We think that’s a crucial part of understanding how your work will fit into the big picture of who and what New Orleans is and how God is moving here.